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Thread: Netgear WG111T + MacBook Airport + BT3b

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    Default Netgear WG111T + MacBook Airport + BT3b

    WG111T can not be put into monitor mode, I know but...

    Basically.. The WG111T worked as an amplifier for Airport (I think)
    Well, signal(s) got stronger when it was plugged in and when aimed at my router.

    Is it acting as an amplifier?
    Or.. what?

    (Or can anyone else confirm, say, by plugging in a non-monitor-mode-capable dongle in and seeing if it makes a difference?)

    modprobe ndiswrapper //I THINK this set up the netgear card on wifi0.. and that could be why.. IDK ..
    wlanconfig ath0 destroy
    wlanconfig ath0 create wlandev wifi0 wlanmode monitor
    airmon-ng ath0

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    Amplifier? no you just made it so that its more directed.

    No, it will not work. You can try it yourself but I highly doubt it. Apart from that, just hope WG111T is equipped with AR5007UG which might remotely be possible with using Zydas 1211 driver. No I don't have that card either.

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