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Thread: problem .. aireplay-ng

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    Exclamation problem .. aireplay-ng

    sry i was searching for this all over the forums .. just couldn't find anything similar....
    .... when i try to inject packets...

    aireplay-ng -1 0 -a *ap mac* -h 001122334455 -e "ap name" rausb0

    if the access point name is too long ... ex ... "some access point name"
    it gives me an error... i think is because of the spaces in between the name... any workaround for this???

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    You need to confer with the aircrack documentation on special characters... i.e. the escape characters for paces, quotes, etc.

    This has also been covered many times in this forum, such as this post:

    Use the search function: may the force be with you.
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