I sort of messed up at work yesterday. To make a long story short, here's what happened:

I had my BT USB stick plugged into my workstation at work (I have other personal files on that stick besides BT). I step away from my desk to go use the vending machines. When I return, I surprisingly see my BT desktop on the monitor.

What happened was that my co-worker decided F**K around and rebooted my workstation. I work for a big banking firm and our LAN admin guy is real strict about the network (he gives up anyone he catches circumventing the system to Management).

This is my concern. Since the ethernet/LAN connection at work was recognized by BT and was working when I saw my BT Desktop, is there any way our LAN guy could find out that I tried to boot with BT, etc. Is there any information that might have transmitted to their servers?

Thanks in advance.