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Thread: PCI CardBus reader recommendation

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    Default PCI CardBus reader recommendation


    I intend to build a new PC with an PCI CardBus reader. Now I heard that many PCI CardBus (e.g elandigitalsystems, amtron) readers do not run well or not at all on Multi Core machines...

    Could somebody tell me what's the vendor of their (working under BT) CardBus reader and if possible the type/vendor of the mainboard?

    Any feedback is appreciated very much. Thank you!


    Sorry if did choose the wrong "area"

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    Ok, lets ask this way:

    If you had the choice between the following chipsets (for use under BackTrack):

    - ENE CB-1410QF
    - 1211
    - Ricoh R5C485
    - Ricoh R5C476 II

    What chipset would you choose?

    Thank's a lot! John

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    If you check out the HCL on the Back|Track wiki you will see that the Ricoh R5C476 II is a fairly widely used CardBus Bridge. Take a look at that and I'm sure you'll find what you're looking for.

    Come back with any questions after you have done your homework and I/we may be able to help further. Good luck!!!

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