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Thread: usb dongle as access point?

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    Default usb dongle as access point?

    hey fellow backtrackers im using a zydas zd1211 usb dongle and am wondering on how to use this as an access point and basically set this up,
    ive tryed to use kwifimanager but it tellls me The following settings could not be applied: operation mode could not be applied? ive tryed there console commands:
    iwconfig eth1 essid wifi
    iwconfig eth1 master?

    but doesnt seem to do anything a little help or guid would be nice

    thanks in advance

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    I'm not sure if any of these support the zd1211 driver, but check out these rogue ap utils:
    replace x's as needed

    ap-utils -- hxxp://
    AirSnarf -- included in BT3b -- hxxp://
    FakeAP -- hxxp://
    rfakeap -- hxxp://
    WKnock -- hxxp://

    Help w/airsnarf -- hxxp://
    zd1211 Driver -- hxxp://

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