well, as fate would have it, I had some sort of virus on my XP eee pc, and I had to delete windows... but now that I have a 4GB ssd and a 16gb sdhc card, both empty, I want to know if it is possible to get the real, non-live, uncompressed version of BT3 on either the ssd and the sdhc, and windows on the other. I have gotten both OSes to work when on the ssd, but niether of them on the sdhc (I have gotten the live BT3 to work on the sdhc).
If they can work on both, I would prefer that I have tiny XP on my ssd and and bt3 on my sdhc. as for the disk formats, any format type is fine with me. I only plan this to last me through school, so I dont really care about journaling partitions.
Oh, and sorry if this has been posted somewhere before, the search function on the site has been acting screwy for me(i could search eee pc in all posts/threads, and not find any results, yet if I wonder through the forums, I would find one that matches my criteria.)
(if it makes it any easier, u could IM me... just look at my profile for my AIM screenname)