hey people just wondering if anyone in here would be able to clearly translate this text into noob language=

Save configuration to USB stick

After having produced the personalization, open the console and digit dir2lzm /mnt/live/memory/changes changes.lzm (changes.lzm or pippo.lzm ...) changes.lzm you have in root folder, paste in USB modules folder (BT/modules). Reboot you have saved setting up. -bzImage

There is an issue after you save to changes.lzm and boot from the module then make new changes and try to save them because you only get the new changes and not the previous. Then create new changes and have to save them. Seems you have to copy /mnt/live/memory/changes to a tmp dir then merge /mnt/live/memory/images/changes.lzm/ onto the tmp dir. Then turn that into a new module to load. -Kinchyle

If you make a subsequent change, you can just save the new change.lzm file in the /BT/modules folder using a different name: ie change1.lzm and change2.lzm and then a subsequent file called change3.lzm all without merging them. -Milon

i have read this and am still puzzeld on how to do this. any help would be greatly appreciated