hey people just another noob question for ya , im new to linux (basically have no idea) ive recintly downloaded a copy of bt2 final iso ,ive copied the iso to a 2gb thumb drive and an able to boot from usb . i just realised that there is no sound enabled ,the only sound ive ever heard was the low battery alert, im wondering if i have to change or enable something to get it working, im using a hp dv6500 special edition t5450, (ram) 2gb ,140gb hdd.

also i have keyboard sound controlls and ive noticed the mute button is highlighted, now it was highlighted when i heard the battery alert, but i cant seem to play music, any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

oh and one other thing (saving configuration settings on bt2 to a usb )
ive read the past forum entry but it wasnt really that help full , i need an idiot guid... anyways thanks in advance