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Thread: Macbook Pro Broadcom Wifi

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    Default Macbook Pro Broadcom Wifi


    I'm a little confused as to the compatibility of my Wifi Adapter in my 2008 MBP. Here in the wiki it says it works:

    Edit: It seems i can't post links. In the wiki under compatible laptops, then under apple. It says the 2008 model works fine.

    But it doesn't work on my bootcd.

    According to System Profiler i have this:
    Broadcom BCM43xx 1.0 (

    According to Backtrack i have this:
    BCM4328 with the device ID of 008C.

    Is it possible for this card to work in Backtrack, Is the wiki correct?
    Any help or suggestions are appreciated,

    Edit: Using BT3 beta.

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    yeh, i can confirm that it works for the macbook pro. but given that it is a broadcom, caveat emptor is the phrase of the day.
    there are plenty of threads around here on people that have had issues (and maybe even solved them) so be sure to search the site thoroughly.

    also, if you still need help, give us a bit more than "doesn't work"... what you did, errors you received, etc...

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