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Thread: ettercap "can't create lf.ecp:Permission denied"

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    Default ettercap "can't create lf.ecp:Permission denied"

    ettercap "can't create lf.ecp:Permission denied"
    I search the wed and this is what i found
    You can't save a file to a READ-ONLY filesystem, which the CD it's booted off of is...

    Point it to save the log somewhere that you can write to
    Which file do i need to modified?
    Or how can I point it to save the logs to /var/log/ettercap?

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    There is no file that you need to modify. You simply need to direct the program to save the logs to a HD mounted with read/write permission. For example if you have a hda2 drive mounted and wish to save all messages to a file the following command would be appropriate:

    ettercap –Tq –M ARP // // -m /mnt/hda2/ettercapmessages
    It will work the same with logs just change the '-m' part of the command.
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