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Thread: BT2 full install has read-check error

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    Default BT2 full install has read-check error

    My HP dv8000 Bt2 full install skipped a read/check operation for dev in the root partition so that my Back Track is without wireless capability. I get two error messages on startup.
    The first message says:
    ” The boot sector and the map file are on different disks.”
    The second message says:
    “Error: Root partition has already been mounted read-write. Cannot check. For file system checking to work properly your system must initially mount the root partition as read only. Please modify your kernel with “rdev” so that it does this.

    What command line procedure would I follow to modify rdev to fix the problem? Would I be better off to reformat and reinstall?
    Thanks for any suggestions.

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    If your using the lilo boot loader you need to go to the lilo.conf file and change the last line back to read-only but if you do this I heard that it will cause your system not to startup correctly. So I would just suck it up and press enter at startup when that message comes up. And your system should startup fine.

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