Hello All,

I have set up BT3 on VMware disk with the help of Guides available here on the forums (Thanks, Xploitz).

However, I am unable to apply static configuration to the eth0. I have been following several suggestions provided by different members here in various How-To's and Articles; but this issue persists.

I have entered static IP to eth0 but when I ping to the default gw, I receive Destination Host Unreachable (DHU).

Just to ensure that dhcp services are not interfering with the process, I have disabled the VMWare Dhcp service as well as commented out the entries in /etc/rc.d/rc.inet1.

I have been looking into the forum posts for quite a while now, and finally am posting this.

In case this ain't a right place for this issue, kindly move it.

I recall using BT2 with Vmware got IP easily in the bridged mode. Please suggest what should I check in order to resolve this.

Thanks all for your efforts.