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Thread: Video Tutorial: Using frontline comprobe to crack a link key exchange.

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    I'm trying to sniff my two phones that i have a v9m and a v3m (both Motorola's). And distance is not my problem, but i'm simply pairing the two phones by adding them as recognized devices with the pin 1234. And i'm assuming the master is the phone asking for the request but still nothing from frontline... Again im using a DBT-120 as my sniffer and v9m as the master with v3m as my slave, and using backtrack 3 with a downloaded frontline.c in order to patch it i have also tried it with the frontline already with bt3 but still the same problem. Also as an alternative i have tried to pair my v9m (master) with my unmodified dongle (slave) and sniffing with my DBT-120 but same results

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    Default Dbt-120 c1

    has anyone found the jumper set on the PCB for this device ?

    i was wondering if any one has been playing about with this as it may be usefull and i want to understand more about hardware.

    if anyone can find a diagram that would be great

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    Default pairing process

    it looks like omitted the most important part of sniffing with frontline.c
    the thing is during the sniffing a target should be in pairing process. if devices are already paired there is nothing to sniff.

    so, we gotta break the pair of target devices and put them in pairing process then we can sniff data and crack the linkkey. something close to getting handshake in WPA cracking.

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