I'm going to buy a laptop with Intel wireless abg 3945 built in wireless card, and due diligence told me to look up information on it. Unfortunately, this is what I found:

Some of the information on the web says there is 0 ways to give injection support

Some of the information on the web says that you can use ipw3945 to give injection support

However, some of the information on the web says that ipw3945 does not work, and you need ipwraw

And then there are those people who say that you cannot use ipwraw to do injection, only monitor mode

Lastly, are those people who talk about some kind of proprietary daemon that makes absolutely no sense to me.

So I want to know: What steps do I need to take (if it is possible at all) to give my card:

i) Injection Support
ii)Monitor Mode
iii)Internet Access

So that I can have all 3 (it's okay if I have to do a few steps to change in between them, that's expected, just as long as I don't have to follow a 2 page guide every time I want to do it)

Or, should I just stay as far away from this card as possible?

I would appreciate any information you may have.

Thank You, Rofler