I'm pretty new at all this, but got through installing BT3 and BT2 as virtual machines on VMware Fusion on my MacBook Pro C2D 2.33G 10.4.11. Installation of VMware tools caused me some problems but figured it out from the information from the forum. Everything runs pretty smoothly, but I can't suspend my virtual machine. BT2 works fine, but BT3 always says "suspend script did not run successfully". I've uninstalled and reinstalled the VM tools as wells as created another BT3 virtual machine and reinstalled the tools, but same thing happens. Any ideas on why BT2 works OK, but BT3 doesn't? I know this may be trivial, but it would be nice if I can suspend BT3 when I actually need to do REAL work. Is it kernel version problem?

Any advice would be appreciated.