ok so i followed this link for installation


did everything had to add an extra partition because mkfs.ext3 would not write to /dev/hda1/

so it looks like this

/dev/hda1 83 linux ** wouldnt write becuase it was a mounted (busy/working device)
/dev/hda2 83 linux ** Boot
/dev/hda3 82 linux swap
/dev/hda4 83 linux

it set up the tmp folders and boot and everything went to install backtrack 2 final and *Chose REAL installation* the pdf says thereafter that all i would need to do is reboot and it should work

and i have searched the forums i havent been able to find much on installing BT2 on a single HDD everyone is apparently using dual boot or lilo or VMWare

but here is the problem getting to the point without further ado when i rebooted and took the cd out all it says is GRUB and no keys can funtion etc... etc.. etc... no functionality nothing works and im kinda lost on why it wont boot after install.