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Thread: newbie Problems with Metasploit

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    Default newbie Problems with Metasploit

    Hi Guys,
    first of all excuse my bad english.(iam an computer science student from germany)

    I got a problem using Metasploit, i wanna exploit the smb service of an XP box and nothing works. Nmap tells that ports 135 139 455 on my target are listening. I've tested all of these smb exploits for windows with multiple payloads and none of them brought success...

    Im running Ubuntu 8.04 with Metasploit 3.1
    Pls help me doing research!

    greetz GinoCazino

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    we do not really support ubuntu here nor are we really a metasploit support forum however many of us have some experience with it. This is the sort of question that should be in general IT if it is not relating to backtrack.

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    there is a vid tutorial in here showing how one of the users managed to exploit xp using smb, just do a search I think it was samsung

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