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Thread: MacBook Pro C2D 2008 / BT3

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    Default MacBook Pro C2D 2008 / BT3

    Acc to the HCL list the internal wireless on my MacBook Pro Core 2 Duo (2008, nVidia Geforce 8600M GT) should function on BT3 out of the box and inject:

    [not allowed to post url, but I am talking about the HCL list on the BackTrack wiki]

    I have booted BT3 from cd, boot is fine, but the internal wireless card is nowhere to be found, an iwconfig renders nada.

    Being rather new to Linux, should i read "out of the box" as "out of the box after doing the usual make / make install stuff"?

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    I have a 17" Penryn MBP and nada on the built in card as well. My previous machine was a 15" Santa Rosa MBP and I had it triple boot and it worked great. The 17" Triple Boots but I get nothing on the wireless.

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