Hi everyone. Yes another noob !

I had kubuntu and xp on 2 different hard drives on my pc and was able to boot on both with Grub menu as I installed win first and kubuntu second. Grub just made the job itself to create the boot menu

Now I would like to have only xp and bt3. I read a lot of posts about dual booting but only found threads for single hard disk dual boot with many partitions.

My xp is on the first hard disk sda1 and I installed bt3 on the second one which is sdb1. I cant boot any of them now. I tried to edit lilo with what I read but still unable to boot.

Is Grub still on my comp? I got a grub error at startup. And even if I unplug 1 of the 2 hd, still unable to boot on win or linux.

Any help would be great ! Sorry I did not find any threads about that issue.

Thanks a lot guys !