First off, thanks for making a fantastic program. It's fun to tinker around with and learn. I only have about hundred hours invested in the program so far but I love having fun with it

In my home lab I am practicing reverse tcp shells via nc or an exploit in metasploit/milworm. Since I come from a windows background when I have a windows shell it seems more stable and easier to do what you want, but when I have a linux shell it seems unstable (no prompt)

Normally if I wanted to extract information I would create a tftp session or ftp session. My question is there any good way to configure/edit a file without having to download it? I tried using VI over the session and it doesn't quite work so well. Is there another way to edit a file on a linux OS through the reverse shell without having to modify it on your machine and uploading it back? Maybe the answer is pretty easy but I am just not seeing the big picture.