I always get "Bad font path element" error message after update the last package kdelibs (even I update this kdelibs right after backtrack fresh installation). I doubt that it may be my mistake but after try many time to fix it (consider the font path, xorg config,...), the conclusion is about kdelibs (

I dun know why but after update it, reboot and I only can go to console mode, everytime I try to run startx but I'll hang on a black screen with the mouse :P. Flux, in other side, works fine.
Here is this package, _ftp://ftp.slackware.com/pub/slackware/slackware-current/slackware/kde/kdelibs-3.5.9-i486-4.tgz

run it if you want :P but use it with your own risk, installpkg *.tgz or slapt-get --install kdelibs --ignore-dep

Plz fix it ASAP, I dun like use flux box :P
Thx :P