Hello people
Am facing this weird problem lately.
I have XP and BT3 installed in dual boot config. Everything was working fine previously, till somedays ago I needed to delete BT partition and reinstall it again.
Now many times, my browsers (Opera and Firefox) just refuse to display any website. They'll work fine for 4070 minutes after boot up, then all of a sudden they refuse to open any page. DNS is of no problem. Ping time for sites is barely more than 150-300 millisecs, but the sites wouldn't open.
Everything works fine in Wndows installation though
My net connection needs a username and password to logon. Connectivity is through a Cat5 cable coming from service provider. (A franchise of ISP, Sify)
I havent chaged any setting or installed any other software in this installation except Opera and updates through FastTrack. Updates though Slaptget get interrupted everytime.
Any ideas please?