Hello 2 all.
I decided to use bt2 on my sony vaiopcg-c1 yesterday and installed it next to my everydayofficeuse-xp.
As i'm familiar with slackware since one year now, i must say: RESPECT!
Compared to a SW12 or a SLAMD64 it is small but strong, compatibility is almost perfect and if not, this would not be a problem at all.
An easy gui but still made for other wm, and everything on a single cd.
RESPECT again.
Running bt2 now with a WLAN-card by Linksys(WPC11 v4), according to the card-base-support page, using the RealTek chipset and the rtl8180 driver still makes me wonder, what i should think of the yellow symbol regarding the support.
It says: Some are supported and there is a driver-source given on sourceforge.net.
Now my only question is: What means: Some are supported?
How can i gather the info, that my card belongs to the supported ones and will the driver change something?
One time my monitoring worked, after that never again. ???? What's that?
I hope, I had not repeated an already asked subject( of course i was googling and searching the board before..... i hope, properly enough).
So, from now on i would say: let's track.(as in former times:let's slack).