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    Quote Originally Posted by BOFH139 View Post
    Look like they are fecking with another classic film:
    And you thought The Lost Boys direct-to-dvd sequel looked bad… take a look at MGM’s direct to dvd sequel to one of my all-time favorite movies - the classic 1983 sci-fi hacker film WarGames. And sadly, NO, this is NOT an April Fools Day joke…

    WarGames: The Dead Code stars Matt Lanter as a computer geek named Will Farmer who engages a government super-computer named R.I.P.L.E.Y. and enters in a game of online terrorist-attack simulation (yes, instead of global thermonuclear war from the original movie). But apparently the game is actually part of a sophisticated piece of government spyware designed to find potential terrorists. Homeland Security, now believing Farmer is a terrorist, sets out to apprehend him. And the computer, of course, forgets that it’s just playing a game.
    I actually saw that film a few days ago, noticed it in a DVD stand and thought I would give it a chance. NOT a good idea I can tell you, the terrorist-attack simulation was absolutely ridiculous and the plot was about as solid as a bowl of jello.
    -Monkeys are like nature's humans.

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    Language on the video possible not safe for work, depends on where you work I guess...
    Of course, if you really wanted to have some fun, go to Wal-Mart late at night and ask the greeter if they could help you find trashbags, roll of carpet, rope, quicklime, clorox and a shovel. See if they give you any strange looks. --Streaker69

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    sry if someone posted it already

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    Quote Originally Posted by karabaja4 View Post

    sry if someone posted it already
    Yea, post #23....
    Of course, if you really wanted to have some fun, go to Wal-Mart late at night and ask the greeter if they could help you find trashbags, roll of carpet, rope, quicklime, clorox and a shovel. See if they give you any strange looks. --Streaker69

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    在這兩者之間 BackTrack是4 FwdTrack4


    REDMOND, WA--Microsoft today released to the press a copy of the error codes that will be incorporated into their new operating system, Windows XP.

    Reportedly, multi-billionaire Microsoft tycoon Bill Gates stated, "This is the best set of error codes yet!"

    Even so, we will reserve judgment until we have had a chance to put the new operating system to the test.

    These are the new error codes. Judge for yourselves.

    Winerr 000
    - Unexpected Intelligent User Encountered
    Winerr 001
    - Intimidation Failed; Attempting to Crash Repeatedly
    Winerr 002
    - Erroneous Error; No Error Occurred (Yet)
    Winerr 003
    - RAM Depleted; Annex Japan (Y/N)?
    Winerr 004
    - Deluxe Error. Please Send $275 to Upgrade Your Error
    Winerr 005
    - Long File Name Error; Drive C: Erased to Make Room for Filename
    Winerr 006
    - Insufficient RAM to Crash Properly; Attempting Fake crash
    Winerr 007
    - Alphanumeric Sequence "OS2" Prohibited
    Winerr 008
    - This License Has Expired; Your Computer Will Shut Down Until You Purchase Another Copy
    Winerr 009
    - Error Buffer Overflow; Too Many Errors
    Winerr 00A
    - Non-Microsoft Application Encountered; Deleting Application From System
    Winerr 00B
    - Push Error; Erasing Files to Make Room for Advertisement
    Winerr 00C
    - Abnormal Continuation; Windows Loaded Correctly This Time
    Winerr 00D
    - User Error; Lemming Not Found
    Winerr 00E
    - Open Standard Encountered; Attempting to Redmondize
    Winerr 00F
    - Reserved for Future Coding Errors
    Winerr 010
    - Virus Error - Other Applications Will Be Closed Instead
    Winerr 011
    - Orwell Not Found; You Must Use MSN
    Winerr 012

    - Cash Underflow - Credit Card Number Will Be Assimilated
    Winerr 013
    - Keyboard Error; User Must Learn to Slow Down
    Winerr 014
    - User Error; Reading License Agreement Mandatory to Continue
    Winerr 015
    - Error Message Deleted
    Winerr 016
    - Expected Error Did Not Occur; Attempting to Restart Error
    Winerr 017
    - Multitasking Attempted; System Confused
    Winerr 018
    - Network Error - Your Crash Will Be Replicated to All Stations
    Winerr 019
    - Freedom-of-Choice Error; Select a Microsoft Browser To
    Winerr 01A
    - Insult Detected -- Your Bill Gates Joke Will Be Deleted
    Winerr 01B
    - Error Removing Temporary File; a Permanent File Will Be
    Winerr 01C
    - Oops; Wrong Disk Formatted. Sorry About That.
    Winerr 01D
    - Mandatory Error Inserted to Meet Error Quota
    Winerr 01E
    - Please Insert Your Favorite Error Here
    Winerr 01F
    - Error In Progress; Please Wait....
    Winerr 020
    - Unknown Error Occurred But Was Lost. Windows Will Try To Remember
    Winerr 021
    - Error Parsing Error List; Please Wait For Next Error
    Winerr 022
    - Upgrade Error; Please Format Your Drive And Reinstall Everything.
    (see how winblows icons war with each other using numerous weapons)

    The New Windows RG Ver has launched with crash facility(tested & approved/crashed by billi gateway)please use each and every function in that winblows you wont see such winblows again

    Last day of bill source community is looking for it.



    GOOGLE 2084





    MS ERROR 2005

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    If you've ever wondered what's behind those "Technical Difficulties... Please Stand By" messages that TV stations run all too often, an anonymous reader shares with us one reason: someone moved the fan.


    And some for SysAdmin Day:

    I nornally hate 300 pics but this one is funny

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    -Google is watching you

    -June 1, 2001, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer: "Linux is a cancer that attaches itself in an intellectual property sense to everything it touches."

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    /dev/null finally accelerated!

    Tired of waiting for all your bits to finally pipe to /dev/null? We have the answer for you.

    Our lab tests have shown an order of magnitude perfomance increase while using
    The Hardware Accelerated /dev/null card.

    Too many mutex locks in your CHAR device subsystem leads to IO contention
    in an unaccelerated /dev/null device. Don't let this happen to you!

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    A third party security audit is the IT equivalent of a colonoscopy. It's long, intrusive, very uncomfortable, and when it's done, you'll have seen things you really didn't want to see, and you'll never forget that you've had one.

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    The Twelve Commandments of Flaming
    Make things up about your opponent: It's important to make your lies sound true. Preface your argument with the word "clearly." "Clearly, Brian Hillis is a racist, and a dirtball to boot."

    Be an armchair psychologist: You're a smart person. You've heard of Freud. You took a psychology course in college. Clearly, you're qualified to psychoanalyze your opponent. "Peach Pshawski, by using the word 'zucchini' in her posting, shows she has a bad case of ... "

    Cross-post your flames: Everyone on the net is just waiting for the next literary masterpiece to leave your terminal. From OPINION to EZ-READER to PETS to CHIT-CHAT, they're all holding their breaths until your next flame. Therefore, post everywhere.

    Conspiracies abound: If everyone's against you, the reason can't possibly be that you're a ******. There's obviously a conspiracy against you, and you will be doing the entire net a favor by exposing it.

    Lawsuit threats: This is the reverse of Commandment #4 (sort of like the Yin & Yang of flaming). Threatening a lawsuit is always considered to be in good form. "By saying that I've posted to the wrong group, Didley has libelled me, slandered me, and sodomized me. See you in court, Didley."

    Force them to document their claims: Even if Ralph Gagliano states outright that he likes tomato sauce on his pasta, you should demand documentation. If Newsweek hasn't written an article on Ralph's pasta preferences, then Ralph's obviously lying.

    Use foreign phrases: French is good, but Latin is the lingua franca of flaming. You should use the words "ad hominem" at least three times per article. Other favorite Latin phrases are "ad nauseum," "vini, vidi, vici," "fetuccini alfredo,"...

    Tell 'em how smart you are: Why use intelligent arguments to convince them you're smart when all you have to do is tell them? State that you're a member of Mensa or Mega or Dorks of America. Tell them the scores you received on every exam since high school. "I got an 800 on my SATs, LSATs, GREs, MCATs, and I can also spell the word 'premeiotic.'"

    Accuse your opponent of censorship. It is your inalienable right to post whatever the hell you want to the net. Anyone who tries to limit your cross-posting or move a flame war to is either a communist, a fascist, or both.

    Doubt their existence: You've never actually seen your opponent, have you? And since you're the center of the universe, you should have seen them by now, shouldn't you? Therefore, they do not exist! This is the beauty of flamers' logic.

    Lie, cheat, steal, leave the toilet seat up.

    When in doubt, insult: If you forget the other 11 rules, remember this one. At some point during your wonderful career as a flamer, you will undoubtedly end up in a flame war with someone who is better than you. This person will expose your lies, tear apart your arguments, make you look generally like a bozo. At this point, there's only one thing to do: insult the dirtbag!!! "Oh yeah? Well, your mother does strange things with ... "

    The Golden Rule of Flaming:
    May your flames be witty,
    insulting, interesting, paradoxical,
    funny, illogical, caustic, sarcastic,
    even inconsistent - but never,
    ever, let them be boring.
    [rule #42]

    <sig>random, witty quote</sig>

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