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Thread: HP tx1000 wireless problem (broadcom 4321ag)

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    Question HP tx1000 wireless problem (broadcom 4321ag)

    Hi I'm new to backtrack and linux and have been reading for the past few days about the basics. I've come to the point that I want to start using some of the included tools but my wireless card isn't detected.

    iwconfig -a

    -a No such device

    I looked it up and a broadcom 4321AG a/b/g/draft-N is installed from factory.

    Note: there is a hardware switch used to turn the wireless on or off in Vista, once when i turned it on/off it the console had a message but I haven't been able to reproduce it since...

    Can anyone help me get my wireless up and running?

    P.S. Should I start with BT3 instead of BT2?

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    I have the exact same card and laptop, and am also receiving the "no such device" error message. Does anyone have advice? I'm searching through previous posts, but have not yet found a post that specifically references this.

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    Buy yourself a nother card.
    One that don't start whit the name: BROADCOM.

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