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Thread: Unetbootin Problems

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    Default Unetbootin Problems

    So I'm assuming everyone knows what unetbootin is, if not, just google search it. Anyways I've been trying to download certain distributions specifically BackTrack3 (BT3) and Debian and I think there are a few select others that I'm unsure of at this time. But if you're tried to download either of thos two with unetbootin you discover that they do not download fully. BT3 I'm aware that remote-exploit for some reason isn't hosting the download anymore and you can download BT4 off the Backtrack website... Is there anyway to correct this in Unetbootin? I have the latest version Unetbootin393. Any ideas? Anyone else having this issue?

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    Default Re: Unetbootin Problems

    This is not a unetbootin, debian, or bt3 support forum. We only support BT 4 final here.

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