Hello everyone,

I have been searching for the right laptop for BT3 for a long time.

site shows which laptop brands are running fine or not with the BT2 & BT3. And the newest laptop brand is Asus EEEPC in there which has some problems but the forum about it explains how to overcome with those problems. The rest of the laptops are in that site are really old ones which are really hard to find nowadays in stores.

Every month comes with newer models in laptops but I don't see any tests about those laptops in the HCL:Laptops site. I really want to purchase a laptop for only using BT3 but don't know which one to buy. For example, I have been thinking about new IBM model X300 series but it just hit the market so new so the tests on it will take time for BT3. Besides that, the new EEEPC is a good choice but I have read that the wireless is a little bit weak to get the signals.

If I would buy a new brand model of any laptop, what should I look for in the specifications in that particular laptop for the use of BT3? Because it seems like I could never purchase one when the tests of those laptops tested out only on the old models.

I also know that the best test is to grab a BT3 CD with me and try on any laptop to see if it works. But I cannot test every laptop to see if the BT3 works on that particular laptop before the owner of the store gets a little nastier on me.

Any help is really appreciated.

Thank you goes out there upfront who help me on this irritating bug in my brain.