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Thread: BT4 VMWare on XP Host

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    Default BT4 VMWare on XP Host

    I have got backtrack 4 installed on a new VMWare virtual machine running on windows XP, what I want to be able to do is run inssider from my XP host which has a Alfa Network AWUS036H 1000mW Wireless G USB Adapter connected to it and then also run the aircrack suite from a terminal services type connection on the XP machine to my virtual Backtrack machine.

    I need to know what I need to do on my BackTrack machine though to be able to connect to it from my XP machine if that makes sense and what software I would need on my XP machine.


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    Default Re: BT4 VMWare on XP Host

    simple solution: start networking and set up ssh on your backtrack vm. get a copy of putty (available online, use your jedi search abilities). ensure sshd is running on your vm, and use putty in windoze to connect to your vm's ip address.

    you can run putty as many times as you like to make as many connections to your vm as it will allow, in order to use the aircrack-ng suite. i.e.: run kismet in one window, airodump-ng in another and aircrack in a third.

    why you would want to do it this way is beyond me, but that's one way to get done what you want to do.
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