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Thread: Cowpatty hash table wpa cracking

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    Default Cowpatty hash table wpa cracking

    Does anyone know any tutorials on how to crack wpa using the cowpatty hash tables, rainbow tables? I have the 7gig hash table on a cd, but I need to know how to use them and how the application of the tables are different than using airplay to capture the data and then using aircrack and a dictionary file to crack the passphrase. Any suggestions of tutorials would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you.


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    One quick search to google returns this

    howver a video tutorial by dapirates


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    hi, I just downloaded one of the 33 Gig files.... but I wasn't able to open the LZMA file :-(

    I searched with the help of google, but even google didn't gave me an answear wich worked.........

    7z did not work
    winrar not

    I don't know what to use instead

    could s.o. help me please?!



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