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Thread: acx100 problem

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    Default acx100 problem

    I can't seem to find the firmware for the acx100 driver.

    It's not in /lib/firmware. I did a search for tiacx*, but nothing was found. Has the naming convention been changed on BT3?

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    Default Can't Load acx100 driver for TI wireless card

    I can't load acx100 for use my wireless card and i not found nothing for use it, I have a Texas Instruments based card with acx100 driver, on BackTrack 2 y can use it with K Menu->Backtrack->Radio Network Analysis->80211->Misc->Load acx100, but in BackTrack 3 it isn't and can't use mi Wireless card, anyone knows how to use my Wireless card?

    I'm really pleased with all, thanks.

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