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Thread: Can i put backtrack 3 on a live USB

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    Default Can i put backtrack 3 on a live USB

    All the tuts ive seen to put it on a USB have been for windows... when i try to put it in there, it always says "The following disk images failed to mount" then it says the problem is not recognized... what do i do?

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    Default Start from scratch

    You are not leaving much to answer from..

    are you trying from windows or linux?

    does the stick work on other PC's?

    Have you formatted the stick? FAT/FAT16/FAT32/NTFS - EXT2/ EXT3?


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    Format the stick with FAT32. Copy over the BT3beta USB files (boot and BT3 folders). cd into the boot folder and run the bootinst.bat or depending on whether you're using Windows or Linux. That should work. Worked for me.
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