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Thread: wireless card recommendation?

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    Hello all, I'm also thinking about buying a new card. An Alfa AWUS036H, and I was wondering the same. Will this card work with airpwn?

    I saw that lorcon supports RTL8180, so does it support RTL8187L as derivative just like on HCL:Wireless page uses RT8180 to make it work with kismet?

    Thank you
    Please use the search function, the Alfa AWUS036H card has been discussed extensively in several threads.

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    ubiquity src...
    almost perfect!

    a real dream!

    or buy a simple pcmcia listed in the backtrack wiki or...
    any given card based on ar5213A-00 Atheros Chipset, it's ready from boot and capable at 100% for every kind of attack!

    u can find very low cost card refubished on
    search for toshiba-Askey... just yesterday I was trying the bt3live on a toshiba a60 laptop that uses this kind of card...
    everything was ready and u haven't to do anything...

    moreover u can buy a pigtail connector and then connect with no problem any kind of antenna

    see you

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    Thanks for your answer.
    I already have an atheros it works for everything but airpwn. I would like an Alfa because I have to think a little bit for the future since I will be having a new laptop and it will have express slot. Since I've seen the mixed reviews of srx and the lack of express cards I was considering the Alfa.
    Thank you

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    Default NEED help with usb wifi

    I have the wpn111 I just bought at bestby today It does work on windows I have tested it but in bt3 its not recognized why not?

    When I type iwconfig I get not existing for lo and eth0 how do I fix?

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