i have asus eee 701 and trying to crack my wpa but without success. I cant ger the handshake. I have tryed my mates access point without success Everything is fine with wep, packet injection works, no probs, 64bit key in around 5 mins.
I am just beginner with linux and backtrack.
So i go like that
airmon-ng stop ath0
airmon-ng start wifi0
airodump-ng ath0
airodump-ng ath0 -w <filename> --bssid <Networks BSSID> -c <channel>
aireplay-ng -3 -b <BSSID> -h <my BSSID> ath0
aireplay-ng -0 1 -a <BSSID of acces point> -c <client BSSID> -h <my BSSID> ath0

Maybe i have to patch driver or something like that.
Info much apreciated