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Thread: How can I make an application to add BT

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    Default How can I make an application to add BT

    Hello, I have before me a week BackTrack 3.0 downloaded. Since there are no drivers for my W. Lan Card had wanted me with the Ndiswrapper Project further. The shell version of which is already installed, however, I wanted the graphical version.

    Now to my question right to come: How can I make an application to add BT.
    I have tried it on HDD installed.

    Thank you for all the answers Jan

    ps: If someone speaks German he can answer in German.


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    Hi Jan ... take my advice and buy 1 Alfa 500mW ..its USB no need for the driver for your BT3 ... i have intel 3945 ..its working but ALFA card is the Best Man . this my advice to move Quick to the next step in BT world
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