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    Default Arp 0 Ack 0

    hello hello
    saygılar sevgiler helpme thank you
    wep crack

    image pıcture see
    arp 0 ack 0 data 0


    helpme Thank you
    Arkadaşlar komutları düzgün vermeme rağmen ack 0 arp 2 olsada topladığım packet ler işe yaramıyor
    saygılar sevgiler goo mornih thank you helpme

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    In English please?
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    Default Here Goes :-D

    From what i see in your photos you are tring to do a WEP crack using Fake Auth to obtain an ARP packet for re-injection.

    In your first screenshot i noticed that the AP listed in Airodump that you seem to be targeting has:

    PWR = 100
    RXQ = 100

    Also the Client that seems to be attached has

    PWR = "-1"
    Rate = "1- 0"

    That right of bat says to me that you are too far way from the AP you are trying to attack.

    I don't think i need to go any further than that. Figure out the distance you are from the AP and maybe use a better Antenna or move you antenna to a better location.

    You want the highest PWR to Lowest RXQ. Also known as the SNR (Signal to Noise Ratio)

    Any more questions just let me know.

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    @ACIDPHYX grateful gratuful thank you helper very much
    answer for thank you
    words interpreter English understand sorry thank you
    Antenna weak singnal %25
    to send (someone) one´s regards, say hello to for you goodhearted
    I turkey understand englısh
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    Yes, this is to do with either you not close enough to AP
    Personally I don't use these types of cards as they are a nitemare for drivers etc.... esp if this is your 1st time trying to pentest your network, I recommend the never-failed Atheros card..!
    However you can get around what you are trying to do, all you need to do is a little research here on this very forum & you will find similar answers to adjusting your power settings etc.

    this may get you started

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