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Thread: A little help.

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    Default A little help.

    I'm new to backtack 3,I have a linksys(WPC54GS)wireless card for my laptop. I'm trying to learn how to hack WEP, and it's not working out, lol. Backtrack 3 is on a cd-r, that I burned it to. Anyways, whenever I'm in the console it says the power=0, and Data=0, but when I go to Wireless Assistant, it's saying that all the receptions around me are between 5-6 stars. Is my card not compatible, or is it a bad copy of BT?

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    From one of the stickys (Most Complete Card Driver Chipset List), in the Newbie Area subforum, I found a link to the Linux Wireless LAN support. On that web page, here is what I found about your card:

    802.11g WPC54GS man: 14e4 dev: 4318 Cardbus Broadcom Bcm43xx green ; Firmware is needed for this chip
    Besides that, there are some tutorials for cracking WEP using the Aircrack suite. You can find them in the Tutorials subforum. Good luck!

    [EDIT] I also found this link, hxxp:// , but it doesn't show your exact card. It shows the Linksys WPC54G v3 though.

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