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Thread: Multi-boot Kubuntu, XP, Backtrack with Grub

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    Default Multi-boot Kubuntu, XP, Backtrack with Grub

    I have been searching through the forums to find a solution to my problem but I am not good enough with bootmanagers to figure this one out.
    I have a laptop (thinkpad T30 with a 150GB IDE harddisk) on which I have Kubuntu and XP installed nicely using grub. Now I want to add backtrack and grub is giving me the Error 18. I made a snapshot of my hdd setup: w w

    Basically I made a 150mb ext3 primary partition at the start of the hdd to make grub work
    Then a primary NTFS for XP
    Then an extended partition with 2 logical partitions of which one is reiserfs with kubuntu and the other swap
    Finally I have another primary partition with ext3 for BT.

    I have added BT into grub menu.lst with the following:

    title BackTrack
    root (hd0,3)
    kernel /boot/vmlinuz ro root=/dev/sda4

    Its probably easy to solve but im stuck. Any help is appreciated.

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    Hopefully you will get the information you want here.

    Backtrack wiki

    After that I was setup in less that 24 Long hours... I am still haven't a little trouble keeping my changes, but other than that everything boots up without error.

    The short overview:

    I could be wrong as I am a new, but this is what I believe so far:
    (A swap lives in its own "Primary" partition)
    (A Operating System (OS) needs its own "ACTIVE Primary" partition)
    (There is a limit on Four Primary Partitions)
    My 100 GB setup used the following.

    Device Type size Mount point
    /dev/hdc iso9660 n/a /mnt/hdc (The Hardrive)
    /dev/sda1 ntfs-3g 53.7 GB /mnt/sda1 (Windows(R) XP Pro)
    /dev/sda2 ext3 33.3 GB /mnt/sda2 (Ubuntu 8.04 hardy)
    /dev/sda3 auto 4.0 GB / (BT3 Beta)

    and I have NOT found the two commands to load my swap; however, the
    Swap was created in Ubuntu during the Ubuntu install.
    Note: BT3 can, and I believe should use the Ubuntu created Swap.

    Note: When I first created the BT3 beta partition it wouldn't let me use
    "/" as a mounting point so I didn't use a mounting point. Later, I started up
    Ubuntu and found an advance button under properties of that device and I had a place for me to enter "/" so I had a mounting point. However, I boot ok, and haven't been able to save some changes (I have to search and connect my wireless every time I boot).

    But what gets me is under System:/media - Konqueror
    my BT3 4.3 GB Media has a little red light and say that it isn't mounted.
    When I try to mount it, the following error is displayed.

    """ A security policy in place prevents this sender from sending this message to this recipient, see message bus configuration file (rejected message had interface "org.freedesktop.Hal.Device.Volume" member "Mount" error name "(unset)" destination "org.freedesktop.Hal")"""

    Message!!!! RECIPIENT!!!! When trying to mount... I am so confused.

    P.S I am new here, so if I am in error, please correct me.

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