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Thread: Ettercap With ARP Poisoning

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    Quote Originally Posted by chkov View Post
    Decent post.

    But this really is an example of learning people to use programs when they (I think) don't know the slightest about computers||tcp/ip. But I guess to get them curious about computers it's nice to use these kind of topics.
    I second that. While your tutorial is nice, its not much different than any other tutorial that you get by hitting google with "ettercap tutorial". I'm one of the guys who are new to linux and my knowledge in networking isnt so great and so when I read a tutorial like yours a few questions come into my mind regarding the config file that I editted:

    1. what is it that I just uncommented ? what does it do and why is it commented in the first place?
    2. should I keep the conf file as it is or should i revert back to the original after I finish an ssl sniffing session?

    anyway thank you for the effort you made and I'm looking forward for more and hopefully they'll be more in depth that makes us understand rather than just teach us how to use the tools.
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