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Thread: Backtrack 3 Beta doesnt boot :(

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    Exclamation Backtrack 3 Beta doesnt boot :(

    This days i have tryed to boot the cd of backtrack 3 Beta at my new laptop
    Acer Aspire 7520G (costed 800 EURO)
    With AMD turion 64 x2 Mobile Technology TL-60 (2GH 2x512KB L2 Cache)
    Up to 1024MB nVidia GeForce 8400M G Turbo cache
    2GB DDR2 < ram
    17" WXGA+ Acer CristalBrite LCD
    320GB Dual HDD (2 x 160GB)
    802.11b/g WLAN (this is a atheros ARBXB63(at windows vista home premium is a AR5007EG) and this cant work at backtrack 2 final < this is another problem that i will tell you at another post at another day)

    When i boot the CD of backtrack 3 Beta the menu can be opened but when i press the first option > BT3 Graphics mode (KDE)
    than backtrack screen is black and it is stoping to load the CD

    So i wanted to shutdown the laptop, i pushed the power button and there the screen returns with the beautiful image of backtrack 3 beta... so there was the loading log , to turn off to restart , i dont have released the power button and the laptop shuts down... !!!
    So i changed a option by restarting and booting i pushed tab to edit the option of booting backtrack, i changed VGA=0x317 to VGA=normal
    Than i booted up and another error was there(this was the error that stoped loading the CD), just read this error:
    NET: Registered protocol family 15
    No dock devices found.
    ACPI: bus type pci registered
    PCI: No mmconfig possible on device 00:18
    Setting up standard PCI resources
    ACPI: Interpreter enabled
    ACPI: Using IOAPCI for interrupt routing
    And here stuck and stops loading the CD of backtrack 3 beta
    So if someone can tell me how to fix this error or something that can help me to boot up the backtrack 3 beta
    Backtrack 2 final boots fine without errors but backtrack 3 beta doesnt boot!!!
    Please someone help me

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    Default muts help amd's

    iam using acer 4520 the problem is exactly the same i had a post in this forum last night to my surprise nothing is there now ... ne ways in both of our problems we had commons


    amd 64x2 processor

    guys help in resolving this ... i have been waiting since days

    may be muts need to look at this problem now heheh

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    this is a pretty common problem, all you do it tell it to skip ACPI. once you get to the boot screen, press TAB, put a space, and type:


    that should do it.

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    it is stopping at

    ACPI:interpreter enabled

    ACPI=using ioapic for interpreter routing

    i have made acpi=off at the start still it stops

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    Unhappy help please

    i have done with acpi=off and avg=normal , and the backtrack still stops but no at ACPI=using ioapic for interpreter routing at:
    Linux Plug adn Play Support v0.97 (c) Adam Belay
    pnp: PnP ACPI init
    and here stops

    With only the change AVG=normal is in this http foto:

    And the second foto is in this http of the second error with pnp:

    [i dont linked the fotos because the forum doesnt let me to post link after i need to post 15 posts]

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