how can i use Wireless Hacking Live CD to crack a wep key?
am using auditor-200605-02-ipw2100.iso and look what is happended with me!! when i put the cd and run the laptop the cd start running as a bootable cd and it ask me to chose some option like bootusb wn i choose it it start to write 4 me these:
Welcome to the AUDItor Security Collection!
scanning for USB?Firewire devices... Done.
Accessing KANOTIX CDROM ar /dev/hdc. . .
total memory found: 1025048 KB
Creating /ramdisk Dinamic side 804540K) on shared memory . . .Done.
creating directories and symlinks on ramdisk. . .Done.
starting init process.
INIT: version 8.78-Knoppix booting

and it stops here :S what is the matter?