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there's no solution built in aircrack for that .

you can spawn a session for each wordlist, but it's useless as the speed of cracking is dividing by the number of session ....

you can also try to set up a script that will do the following

list all wordlist that are in directory

create a airolib-ng db with a single essid (your target)

set up a loop that in each iteration will do that
take a wordlist, import it in airolib-ng db
compute it
try to crack
if cracked => stop
else continue to do the loop untill all wordlists are tested

this prevent you to do a long computation ...

this is only a hint ... good luck

By the way SV, i would like to thank you for your vote of confidence in me, but i am a mere linux noob, lol
Id consider myself an advanced winblows user, mac osx novice and a linux noob. I dont think i ever would have bothered pen testing and linux if i didnt discover a theiving neighbour thieving my hi-speed broadband. Back in those days i only used wep and mac address filtering.

Your post really leaves me dumbfounded but i appreciate the intelligenge youve assumed on me, lol

btw, would like to thank you personally for all your great tools youve coded, youve made this journey for me much easier to understand.

Since Ive cracked my own wep using your spoonfeeder it gave me confindence in trying it manually myself cos i have proof it can be done with my setup.

So thanks for you valuable contributions, and im sure there are many other ppl who feel the same way. Thumbs up mate, keep up the good work