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Thread: I cant figure out how to use metasploit

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    Default I cant figure out how to use metasploit

    i recieve this message everytime i tried to exploit a remot pc running win xp sp2
    its really mean that the remote host un exploitable
    if that right any idea to exploit win xp sp2 ....

    msf msrpc_dcom_ms03_026(win32_bind) > exploit[*] Starting Bind Handler.[*] Sending request...[*] RPC server responded with:[*] FAULT: 0x00000005[*] This probably means that the system is patched[*] Exiting Bind Handler.

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    I cant offer too much help, but yes, it seems your "remote host" is patched for that exploit and therefore no longer exploitable by it.
    Only suggestion is maybe try another exploit if possible.

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    Yes, that means the remote host is patched and/or firewall is up. You will have to try different exploits.

    And for a good read, try

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