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Thread: SOLVED: root password recovering

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    I have recovered the password but must people cant recover, so i will tell you HOW TO !!!
    First you need backtrack 2 or 3 Beta live CD.
    Than you boot up the live cd and type user: root with password: toor
    than you need to open terminal/console...
    After this type at console: "nano /mnt/hdx/etc/passwd" press enter
    hdx - is the hard drive when you have installed backtrack 2 or 3 beta (mine is hdb2)
    Now you need to change the first line like this:"root:x:0:0::/root:/bin/bash"
    change to this:"root::0:0::/root:/bin/bash"
    After this type CTRL+X and than press y to accept saving and than press enter. After doing this you need to restart and than to load backtrack from your hard drivewith lilo or grub.Now you can type user: root but nothin password.
    After this backtrack shows something like this 21 errors or 32 fatal (i dont remember, not importand)and the last login date.Now you need to recover your password, just open terminal/console and type this:"passwd" .
    Than terminal will ask you:
    Changing password for root
    Enter the new password (minimum of 5, maximum of 127 characters)
    Please use a combination of upper and lower case letters and numbers.
    New password: ********** <<< here type your new password
    Re-enter new password: ********** <<< here retype the password
    Password changed.

    Now you have changed the password. But when you log in backtrack ask only for user name and logs a error, but you dont need to logout and login. to recover this error you need just to change something at the passwd file, just type this at terminal/console:
    nano /etc/passwd < press enter
    now you need to change the first line like this:
    change to this:
    After this type CTRL+X and than press y to accept saving and than press enter.
    Now you can logout and login, with your user root and your password that you have changed without errors...
    Thanx for reading this tutorial.(sorry for my English)
    Remember this tutorial is tested only at backtrack not at ubuntu ot redhat.
    If something wrong contact at

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    Thank you for this.

    Keep posting.



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