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Thread: Grub Error 22

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    Red face Grub Error 22

    Ok, so I've scaled Google, and found nothing that was pertinent to my situation. I've been using Backtrack for about the past month or so, and realized that I use it so much that I might as well install it to my laptop's hdd. Well, just after (about 2 weeks) I do this BT4 comes around and in my "giddy" excitement I proceed to explore ways of removing 4 Pre Final to make way for 4 final. So I took my past experience (ignorantly I might add ) and thought to myself "hmm, how have I removed partitions in the past?". The answer was the windows boot up disk (as I've already been dual booting with windows 7). So hastily, I attempted to remove the excess partitions containing Backtrack... the mistake began before it even started


    and I reboot to find Grub error 22 refusing to allow me to boot to my Windows 7 therefore impeding my migration to 4 final. My screen now hangs at this error...

    ... so oh great Backtrack/Linux gods, save this petty noob before frustration overtakes him.

    - A Remote-Exploit lurker

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    Default Re: Grub Error 22

    Paste your menu.lst here, and if possible, your current partition layout

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