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Thread: What happened to "BT IIII Wifi Spoonfeeder" thread?

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    Default What happened to "BT IIII Wifi Spoonfeeder" thread?

    Anyone know where it went? Seems to be M.I.A?

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    shaman probably pull it down.
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    i pull this thread down , because i was forced to redesigned the whole software because of a conflict between the present codes of the spoonfeeder and a commercial project i designed a while ago.

    the project is not dead, just in complete recoding.

    don't worry the new spoonwep cracker is nearly finished , and will be relized in next weeks. it's currently under heavy testing in order to be ready for a public reliz

    soon available , this version will come with a french & english version.

    this spoonwep cracker module will be the first relized of wifispoonfeeder suite , a suite of GUI for wifi assessments based on the famous suite aircrack-ng. more news to come .

    to all curious persons.... DON'T polluate my email box, the testers are only well known friends....please don't send me "i went to test " messages... i will never answer to these ones.

    im sorry to have pull down the thread in this way . but it was asked me by some very important persons , to remove the reference to this software. the new one will be totally free of this "sharing codes" problems with my commercials projects.
    Watch your back, your packetz will belong to me soon... xD

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