hello all, yes i give up in this problem that i've never seen something like it before. it's been 13 days and i still reading and searching for a solution with no success ! that's why am asking your professional opinion.

here is my scenario :

a friend has set up a :

USR 9106 wireless router with WEP eanbled-mac filtering "my friend who setup this claims that he can protect the Wlan inspite of using such a weak encryption algorithm".

1 Compaq v6000 laptops running winXP sp2 (communicating with the router to make the packets flow around )

1 pc that has dual boot (windows xp sp2 - BT3 beta) "this pc supposed to test the security between the previous two machines"

the router and laptop has some settings "configurations and securty" that make the laptop able to connect to the router and reach an internet connection.

now , using the pc to test how much it takes to get in the network :
it was a piece of cake cracking the WEP pass ,bypassing the mac filtiring feature, and set up a fixed IP ( after determining that DHCP is disabled by the router .

now after connecting i discovered that the router ip range has been modified "so must the laptop ip"

yeah it's pretty easy to bypass that too , i fired up wireshark and waited while it's listening ,here comes the problem ! i can't detect the IP of the router nor the IP of the test laptop !!! tcpdump didn't go any further too !

the connection status shows some packets in the sent field ,,with 0 packets in the recieved field.

any Ideas ?
thank you in advance and sorry for being long