Hello, I am new to these forums, but I have read the guidelines, and I have searched the forums, etc.

I have an XPS M1330 w/ 4GB RAM that is being shipped from Dell pre-installed with Ubuntu (no Windows tax)

I am going to be dual booting BT3 onto my 200gb HD with Ubuntu.

I want to make a partition for backtrack so that Ubuntu's performance is not affected in any way by the size of the Hard drive space being used up by BT3, but still have BT3 run as fast as possible.

What size should I partition for BT3 if

a) There is no separate mount partition for /home
b) There is a separate mount partition for /home

I just need approximate values so that I can decide which is better to do.

P.S. I know about half of the people that will post on this thread will say give Backtrack 100%, but I am looking for an answer that I can actually use.

Thank you in advance.