when i do "iwconfig" it shows me my broadcom 4306 is my eth1.

On my laptop it has a wireless indicator. When i do "ifconfig eth1 up" the light goes on showing that i activated the wireless card. Then and only then i can scan the area for networks.

i have not tried:
airmon-ng stop ath0
ifconfig wifi0 down
airmon-ng start wifi0
airodump-ng ath0
to connet to the internet
(how samsung does it) (i will try as soon as i get home)

so as far as i know my wireless card is eth1 when i look for it in the terminal.
Is there a way to view my "wlan0" or "ath0" if i have any?

Also when i think ive connected wirelessly and i try to "dhcpcd eth1" it takes forever and i have to close the terminal because it doesnt do anything.

When i have my ethernet in:
ifconfig eth0 up
dhcpcd eth0
connects pefectly!

thanks a ton for all the help