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Thread: BT with Alfa card in VMWare

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    Default BT with Alfa card in VMWare

    I have an Alfa Wireless USB card and want to run BT3 (I tried BT2 also) in a VMWare session. However, I can't get it to recognize in BT (ie, when I do ifconfig wlan0, it says that the device doesn't exist).

    I followed the many tutorials on the forums about setting up BT in VMWare. Does anybody have an idea what my problem might be? Thanks in advance.

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    from VMware's bar: VM -> Removable Devices -> Usb Devices, and make sure "Realtek USB Devices" is checked. If not click it.
    after this, Linux should see the card by itself.
    If not, try loading the driver in BT terminal:
    lsusb (to see your chipset)
    modprobe r8187
    or try reloading it (happened to me once due to some kind of bug)
    modprobe -r r8187
    modprobe r8187

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