Hi, and sorry but the newbie policy sucks
Anyway, i have been trying to get lorcon to work on my pc.
I want to play with some nice wireless exploits on framework that only work
with lorcon.
I have 2 cards: dlink wmp54g - ralink rt61, alpha 500mw usb - rtl8187.
The second one is not supported by lorcon, i tried to run it with the rtl8180 setting but
I get : Lorcon does not support setting the tx rate for this card
However, the first one is supported by lorcon, I set the driver setting on lorcon
at rt61 (I tried rt2500 too) but i get : Lorcon could not initialize the interface

I tried to modify the source code of lorcon to skip some steps but I couldnt
compile it (sorry i'm completelly noob in programing)

So, any ideas? Is there anyone who has managed to get lorcon working with
either rt61 or rtl8187?